Yes, my little pay pigs Goddess Leila deserves to be pampered in every way, including financially. You know that you need to submit to me fully, your body, your mind and your wallet! This is the best way forward and I expect nothing less.

Gifts are a must and I have many ways you can make your generous contributions. I also have particular shops that I frequent and particular holiday breaks that need to be financed. Most of cash always impresses me the most and it is my personal preference.

I understand that sometime it is difficult for a man, especially a patetic slave to get it right hence here is the short list of my favourite gifts.

*Fresh Flowers

* Perfumes: Dior Poison, Chanel Allure

* Laptop Lenovo Yoga 920

* Laptop LG GRam

* Samsung Galaxy Note 9

* Huawei Matte 10 Pro

* Asus Zenbook

* Harrods Gift Card

*Apple Gift Card

*Thomas Cook Gift Card

*M&S Gift Card