Mistress Leila is a very dominant Mistress who enjoys humiliating and degrading helpless straight men, forcing them into silk panties, aprons and French maid uniforms.

Mistress Leila is the only Mistress in Cheshire who specialises in total man to woman transformation as well as forced feminization. In fact those are Mistress’s two favourites as she is naturally dominant and loves fashion and make-up. Mistress used to work in fashion industry and she is also fully qualified makeup artist hence she is extremely good is transforming even a very masculine man into a sexy lady. You will be amazed by how she can change you in just an hour. Mistress Leila loves to be in charge and put a man into his place. Weak males are forcefully dressed in stockings and sissy maid uniforms and send to the kitchen where they belong, and made to perform chores and tasks. But it isn’t all… Cleaning can be boring to watch so from time to time Mistress Leila will give you a special task like dancing for her on a kitchen table, all to her amusement…

Mistress Leila also enjoys a session with 2 sissies. The more the merrier!

Two sissies will be forced feminized at the same time, and force to surrender to Mistress’s wishes. Once the sissy look is achieved (full maid look: outfit and makeup) both sissies are send to work, being continuously supervised¬† and corrected by Mistress Leila.


When submissive sissy pets surrender, are dragged to the chamber where more erotic feminization happens. Sissy is forced to masturbation, made to suck and please cock and force to swallow her own cum.